Remove Windows Virus Update 2011

Remove Windows Virus Update 2011

How to Remove Windows Virus Update 2011?

Windows Virus Update 2011 is a virus that's been created by hackers to try and con you into buying a piece of software that you neither need nor works. If you have this virus, it likely infected your computer from a number of different Internet sources, including the likes of a rogue email, infected download or fake website; and will now be causing a large number of problems for your PC as a result.

Although Windows Virus Update 2011 is a virus, it's more of an annoyance than anything. The good news is that it's not going to be stealing any of your information... but it will be blocking many of the important programs & features that you will need to use to get rid of it. The bottom line is that this virus is actually very difficult to remove using traditional antivirus applications, because it's been designed in such a way that prevents them from working to get rid of it. We've found that you have to take some extra steps to get rid of the infection.

The way to remove this virus is to basically make sure that you are first able to use your system without the virus on there, as well as then deleting the settings that it will have inside. The way to do this is a 2 step system, which is to first stop the program from running, and then delete its files / settings. To do this, we've found the most effective resolution is to use "Safe Mode" in Windows, and then a dedicated spyware removal application to stop the virus operating.

We recommend starting the removal by restarting your PC into "Safe Mode". This will basically allow your computer to load up without the virus operating, which will then allow you to delete it properly. To do this, you should follow these simple steps:

* Restart your infected PC
* Before Windows loads, press F8 continually on your keyboard
* When the "boot options" menu loads, select "Safe Mode With Networking"

This will allow your PC to load itself up without the virus running, to which you need to then get rid of its files. This is best done by using a program called a "spyware removal tool". This type of software is able to remove all the parts of the virus that your PC will have, ensuring that it's able to run as smoothly as possible again. The tool we recommend for this process is one called XoftSpy, as it's able to remove the largest number of fake antivirus files from your system.


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